Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oops...did I forget to blog???

I think I did forget to blog! So much happened between the end of January (when I, like most people effected by the fresh clean slate of a new year, had such high aspirations of keeping an up-to-date log of our family life) and today. I've made many a blog in my mind during these last 4 crazy months, and I've taken many pictures, thankfully! I have not had the time or energy, however, to sit and think and write....until now. So, here's a brief re-cap of the last 4 months and some pictures to ease my blogging conscience and free me up for future updates.

February was a very busy month of home renovation and packing prior to putting our house on the market in March. We cleaned, organized, thinned, painted, re-sided the shed, etc.

March was a crazy month of keeping the house "show ready" and being available to drop everything and "mop ourselves out of the house" when someone called to see it. We didn't know what to expect with the market as crazy as it is, but we showed our house about 4 times a week (which was more than we were expecting for sure).

Daddy date

Easter Dresses

We got a full price offer on April 1st (no foolin'). The closing date was set for May 13th, so we had 6 weeks to pack, see everyone a few more times, visit our favorite restraunts one more time, get in all those doctor appointments that we'd needed and prepare the kiddos for a major change in their world. Needless to say, those six weeks went by very quickly. There were lots of tears and, thankfully, lots of encouragement by those we love for our new journey. We definitely felt "sent". The last week prior to our move, the kiddos and I moved in with my dad and step-mom while Josh and his mom and step-dad did the bulk of final packing, organizing, and packing the truck. We had fun and definitely wore out my parents! Once Josh and Dave were on the road, a great group of ladies came to help me do the final scrub on what WAS my favorite home. A bunch of hard working, extremely loving ladies that I miss DAILY! The kids and my last day in Idaho was filled with packing and getting on a plane - thank you, Nana Jewell for flying with us. They were so good to travel with.

Look who turned 5!

So now, we're in Missouri. I have a Missouri drivers license, Missouri plates on the van, a new address, and I think my kids are already talking with a little southern drawl....so I guess it's official! The transition has been so much easier than I expected. God is truly good to me, all the time! The girls are loving all the new adventures that we have been able to go on. New parks, new sights, new friends to meet, new churches to visit, new family to play with, and probably more that I'm not thinking of right now. Living in a bigger city is definitely allowing us more opportunities for outings! Cooper has been the slowest to adjust to our new life. He's been clingy and fussy, a mama's boy, since we got here. Getting sick, more teeth, and biting a big chunk out of his tongue haven't helped matters either. He's coming around, though, and I expect him to be back to his happy, talkative self in no time.

Josh and I are doing well. We're excited to find a church body to meet with on a regular basis and some close friends. Living with Dave and Jewell has been balm to my soul. Moving to a new town and losing close contact with my friends and family in Idaho might have been so much harder if I felt lonely and disconnected. Instead, God blessed me with dear "in-laws" that have buffered this move from start to finish and bring joy to our whole family. It has also been a blessing to have all of the other family and "old" friends around. We've actually been very busy and connected since we've arrived. With all the get togethers and activities that we've been doing, it's hard not to feel like we're on vacation. I just recognized recently that I needed to help my kiddos and myself get into some sort of routine so that we could really start to settle into our "home". We're starting our Sonlight pre-school curriculum, getting a chore routine going, and adding more rhythm to our days.....and striving to Enjoy Each Moment. Thanks for reading all the way through this one. I'm planning on getting back to blogging once a week or more now that I'm up to date ;).

Here are some pics from the last gatherings of friends....

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  1. Aw, I wish I had seen this earlier. But hey, I just had a baby right? Okay, so it was 3 1/2 months ago. I miss you so much already and seeing all the pics of us with friends makes me remember how much I value our friendship. You are very loved and missed! I'm glad that the transition wasn't so terribly difficult. :) Love you!